Name Generation
& Research

We work on property projects that are big and small. On this occasion, we created the brand and marketing for a 2 townhouse development in Kew. We treat these projects the same as another and go through the same process. We work with the developer and selling agents to lock down the demographic that we are targeting and also do extensive research into the suburb so that we can highlight the key selling features.

Edgecombe is named after the street name. 


Often it’s the simple brandmarks that are the best. For Edgecombe we created a brandmark that is modern and contemporary that reflects the understated, quiet confidence of the townhouses.

3D Renders

Our 3D artists are amazing at turning architectural drawings into stunning artist impressions that give buyers an accurate representation of what the townhouses will look like.


Soft greys and stone textures was a key branding element throughout all the design collateral. We chose to focus on the luxury finishes in the townhouses and show this across the project brochure, sales presenter and floorplan brochures.


The Edgecombe website can be viewed here. We also produced all of the digital assets for, Google banners, and an EDM campaign.